Thursday, January 28, 2010

"This Guy Doesn't Share!": Part 2

D:"Spaghetti Bolognese? I have always wondered what it tasted like."
R:"Keep wondering, you jackal...and get away from me!"

Why do they keep begging??!? Don't they know I'm never going to give them anything?
I have a sneaking suspicion someone is feeding them on the sly when I'm not looking.

Never, ever, never!
I don't eat out of their bowl and they don't offer me any of their food (during the 30 seconds it takes for them to wolf down their meals), so why should I offer them my food?

This brings me to what I would like you, the dog owner, to consider.
Your dog would never voluntarily share his/her food with you unless full and uninterested in eating anymore. Dogs don't really like sharing. That's why many of them hide/bury they can have them later and no one else.
If the dog doesn't share its food with you, but you share your food with them, doesn't that seem a bit subserviant to you?

Fine to share with your dog...if you have a great relationship and he/she generally heeds commands and doesn't have major issues.
However, if any issues are present: aggression, seperation anxiety, housebreaking; you might want to consider keeping your food to yourself.
It's a fairly strong statement in the eyes of your beloved beggar.

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