Thursday, January 28, 2010

"This Guy Doesn't Share!": Part 2

D:"Spaghetti Bolognese? I have always wondered what it tasted like."
R:"Keep wondering, you jackal...and get away from me!"

Why do they keep begging??!? Don't they know I'm never going to give them anything?
I have a sneaking suspicion someone is feeding them on the sly when I'm not looking.

Never, ever, never!
I don't eat out of their bowl and they don't offer me any of their food (during the 30 seconds it takes for them to wolf down their meals), so why should I offer them my food?

This brings me to what I would like you, the dog owner, to consider.
Your dog would never voluntarily share his/her food with you unless full and uninterested in eating anymore. Dogs don't really like sharing. That's why many of them hide/bury they can have them later and no one else.
If the dog doesn't share its food with you, but you share your food with them, doesn't that seem a bit subserviant to you?

Fine to share with your dog...if you have a great relationship and he/she generally heeds commands and doesn't have major issues.
However, if any issues are present: aggression, seperation anxiety, housebreaking; you might want to consider keeping your food to yourself.
It's a fairly strong statement in the eyes of your beloved beggar.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Happens When a Leash Gets Caught In the Elevator Door?

DJ wonders if Ryan is going to kindly get his f#@!ing leash out of the elevator entrance!

I think all dog owners who ride elevators have wondered what would happen if their leash got left in the elevator door as it closed. I know I have imagined it countless times.

Last Monday, the answer to this curiosity was given!!
One of my dog owners had the misfortune of losing focus for just a second (that's all it second). The leash of one of their dogs got snagged in the elevator door!!!

There was a happy ending! The little Shih-Tzu is okay. (see picture below)

Little Stella, a few hours after her brush with death. She is great!!

The door shut and the worst nightmare of any dog owner almost happened. Stella shot up to the top corner of the elevator! Fortunately, the harness she was wearing was very old and easily ripped into pieces. Had she been wearing a new harness or a sturdy collar, this blog entry would be a somber affair. The mystery is solved! Don't ever let the leash get caught in the elevator door. The likelihood of your dog dying is highly probable!

Stella's old harness ripped apart and spared her life!!

I used to think that perhaps the metal part of the leash would snag in the crack and the leash would break off in the elevator shaft...thus not torquing the leash/harness. However, it didn't happen in this case. (see picture below)

Part of the metal clasp sheared off, enabling the rest of the clasp to be pulled into the elevator shaft

Thank you, Stella...for teaching us all a very valuable lesson!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Training Your Dog

Ryan teaching dogs to "heel". Heel helps make walking your best friend more enjoyable.

As well as individual dog training, I have been teaching group classes at "Dog Island City".
We have class every Tuesday night.
As well as basic dog psychology, we work on the fundamental commands like "down", "stay", "heel". We also do trouble-shooting.

Basic dog psychology is always a solid area for any dog owner having problems with their dog.
Understanding how your dog thinks is more important than teaching tricks and obedience.
It is a simple concept, yet difficult for some to accept: Dogs don't think or reason like humans!"
Dog psychology is an area I have extensively studied and strive to teach to all willing to learn.

I will always recommend dog training for any dog owner.
Find a good trainer and have a lesson or three!
You have a dog for 12-15 years! Your dog could be an amazing companion or a bit of a nightmare!
It is totally worth the minor investment which will pay dividends for 10+ years.
Your dog peeing on one nice carpet or chewing one nice pair of shoes is more expensive than a few training lessons.
You can have your behavior altered by your dog's particular foibles or address them and find a system that works for your lifestyle!

Having a well-behaved dog walk next to you everywhere you go is such a wonderful and relaxing experience! Not to mention how many other dog owners you can meet and converse with. It is a great experience! And your dog loves going so many places with you!

Ryan, Dailo, and Lidia Lozovsky: owner of Dog Island City.
Dog island City: 5-29 50th Ave. Long Island City

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"This Guy Doesn't Share": Part 1

Ryan samples some chicken wings at LIC Bar while Dailo drools and hopes

To share your (human) food or not to share: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the pathetic faces and looks of complete starvation, Or to give in to a sea of doe eyes and by feeding them, satiate them (until the next meal)?

Okay! We all know what this is about: your dog begs. He/she looks so hungry and needy that it is difficult not to share your food with them. It is also such a pleasure to see the ones you love gobble up food in such a manner that you know they are in ecstasy.
Let's review the pros and cons of sharing your food with your canine companion:

  • It's fun and satisfying to see your dog enjoy food
  • Your dog is very, very close to you when you eat
  • Human food is often unhealthy for dogs
  • Sudden changes in a dog's diet can mean very messy poop (which is embarrassing in the city)
  • Your dog will relentlessly beg at all mealtimes
  • Your dog is very, very close to you when you eat

There is nothing wrong with feeding your dog while you eat. You just have to be willing to accept the fact that they will always beg.
I, personally, don't like my dogs begging, so I don't give them a crumb...ever.
Before you go and think I am heartless, I point to the fact my dogs eat better than most humans. I cook chicken, turkey, and rice, and provide raw vegetables to supplement their commercial kibble/dogfood.
Commercial dogfood is varied and full of great choices. A dogowner certainly doesn't have to feed their dog anything but dogfood given the choices now available.

Some examples of high quality commercial dog food:
Solid Gold, Merrick, California Natural, Abady, Eagle Pack, Avoderm, Orijen, Innova.
This is a short list of foods I have personally used. It is incomplete.

For a future blog entry, I will visit Whiskers in Manhattan and have the dog food experts give us a tutorial. Whiskers is the best petfood store I have ever seen and the staff is super-knowledgable.

One bit of advice: if you exclusively use commercial food-switch brands about once per year. Each brand has some ingredients the others don't. Going from one great food to another is more likely to cover your dog's nutritional needs rather than feeding them the same brand their entire life.

Dailo likes apples and pears, but "this guy still doesn't share."