Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Happens When a Leash Gets Caught In the Elevator Door?

DJ wonders if Ryan is going to kindly get his f#@!ing leash out of the elevator entrance!

I think all dog owners who ride elevators have wondered what would happen if their leash got left in the elevator door as it closed. I know I have imagined it countless times.

Last Monday, the answer to this curiosity was given!!
One of my dog owners had the misfortune of losing focus for just a second (that's all it takes...one second). The leash of one of their dogs got snagged in the elevator door!!!

There was a happy ending! The little Shih-Tzu is okay. (see picture below)

Little Stella, a few hours after her brush with death. She is great!!

The door shut and the worst nightmare of any dog owner almost happened. Stella shot up to the top corner of the elevator! Fortunately, the harness she was wearing was very old and easily ripped into pieces. Had she been wearing a new harness or a sturdy collar, this blog entry would be a somber affair. The mystery is solved! Don't ever let the leash get caught in the elevator door. The likelihood of your dog dying is highly probable!

Stella's old harness ripped apart and spared her life!!

I used to think that perhaps the metal part of the leash would snag in the crack and the leash would break off in the elevator shaft...thus not torquing the leash/harness. However, it didn't happen in this case. (see picture below)

Part of the metal clasp sheared off, enabling the rest of the clasp to be pulled into the elevator shaft

Thank you, Stella...for teaching us all a very valuable lesson!

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