Monday, January 11, 2010

Training Your Dog

Ryan teaching dogs to "heel". Heel helps make walking your best friend more enjoyable.

As well as individual dog training, I have been teaching group classes at "Dog Island City".
We have class every Tuesday night.
As well as basic dog psychology, we work on the fundamental commands like "down", "stay", "heel". We also do trouble-shooting.

Basic dog psychology is always a solid area for any dog owner having problems with their dog.
Understanding how your dog thinks is more important than teaching tricks and obedience.
It is a simple concept, yet difficult for some to accept: Dogs don't think or reason like humans!"
Dog psychology is an area I have extensively studied and strive to teach to all willing to learn.

I will always recommend dog training for any dog owner.
Find a good trainer and have a lesson or three!
You have a dog for 12-15 years! Your dog could be an amazing companion or a bit of a nightmare!
It is totally worth the minor investment which will pay dividends for 10+ years.
Your dog peeing on one nice carpet or chewing one nice pair of shoes is more expensive than a few training lessons.
You can have your behavior altered by your dog's particular foibles or address them and find a system that works for your lifestyle!

Having a well-behaved dog walk next to you everywhere you go is such a wonderful and relaxing experience! Not to mention how many other dog owners you can meet and converse with. It is a great experience! And your dog loves going so many places with you!

Ryan, Dailo, and Lidia Lozovsky: owner of Dog Island City.
Dog island City: 5-29 50th Ave. Long Island City

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