Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Dogs Allowed. Chapter 1: The Bus

Waiting at the bus stop.

Unfortunately, no matter how well-behaved one's dog is, there have been some poorly behaved dogs beforehand, running amok and getting a bunch of rules instituted.
We know these rules well.
No dogs allowed! No dogs in restaurants. No dogs in stores with food. No dogs in the subway or buses. Etc... The list goes on.

For this particular night, we wanted to travel via bus and lacked the proper crate. The only thing I could find was an L.L. Bean tote and it was too small! Dailo's head was sticking way too far out and we had to get to Dog Island City to teach a class!
This was going to take a bit of trickery.

After zipping by the driver in such a manner as to not reveal the stowaway (have the head pointed backward), I head to the rear of the bus as quickly as possible and hide in the back! Shhhh! We're on our way...

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