Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alternative to Friday Night Drinking

It was about 11pm. 

It did occur to me that it might be fun (and normal?) to be out at a bar or restaurant or lounge sipping something strong and sedative. 

Isn't that what Friday nights are for?
Out and about with friends to unwind from a long, hard work week?

Well...isn't the dog man's best friend? And playing fetch was very satisfying-very stress relieving. Especially seeing the grin on Dailo's face; later it was Momo, another Aussie and Dailo's partner in crime.

Fetch is a great way to exercise your dog! Easy for the for the fetcher!

One has to be careful about disturbing the neighbors...especially if they aren't dog lovers. (We will speak more about those people later).
But in this case it was Friday night, so they were all out on the town.
The hallway was ours!

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