Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good dogs sit and wait patiently during pick-ups or drop-offs

Learning to be still is both challenging and rewarding for dogs. Self-control helps dogs to maintain calm, especially when left alone or not allowed to do something they would like (e.g. chewing your shoes).

"Stay" is a command I value more than "come".
When a dog has self-control, they are much calmer and able to withstand stress; like being left alone at home.

I teach any dog I come into contact with (through walking, training, or sitting) the sit/stay command.

I have always found it interesting how quickly the new dog learns to sit/stay simply from watching all the surrounding dogs. 


  1. I see my 2 in that pack - they have never sat so still in the hall for me! Ryan, you rock. Sarah

  2. Great page Ryan! Looking forward to future blogs and pictures! -Drue & Danielle