Sunday, February 21, 2010

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Back in the day...Momo happy, healthy, and taking a break from fetching the Frisbee happens to all dog owners. Your dog has been with you for years and years...then they decide it is time to move on to greener pastures.

Last Saturday, one of my miniature Australian Shepherds, Momo, reached the end of her time with us and the difficult decision was made to put her down. She was 11.
Momo had been diagnosed with liver disease about two years ago, so even coaxing the extra time with her was a labour of love. Large changes in her diet, added drugs and herbs helped keep her going over a year past her due. 5 small meals per day replaced her usual two. Preparing her meals was kind of a pain in the butt, but was worth it. Actually, I think that one grows closer to those (animal or human) who we are given the privilege to care for.

A diagnosis of liver cirrhosis had Momo on an extensive, daily medical/herbal regimen

You reach a point where the dog sort of lets you know that they don't care to be here any longer. I definitely was willing to carry her outside for bathroom breaks and clean the messes she was starting to leave at home. But on that Friday night, her demeanor and her eyes spoke very clearly.
Good old Dr. Moscovich confirmed it Saturday morning. "You can't keep her here like this.", he said.
I wouldn't want anyone else but Moscovich to be the one to send Momo on her way.

Momo lying on the couch an hour before being euthanized...she was ready to go

I tended to have more interaction with Dailo...he was more obedient. But Momo was definitely smarter with a more distinct personality. I miss her.


  1. Bless Momo's heart. Momo was lucky to have you, Ryan.


  2. And bless your heart for saying that.
    I think we are lucky to be able to have these furry creatures in our lives. It really is a priviledge.