Sunday, December 27, 2009

Project Sophie

Ryan working on "sit/stay" with Sophie. She is given the challenge of street distractions and two dogs sitting very close. She shows her discomfort by turning her head away.

Sophie was a terrier mix. She didn't like other dogs.

She lunged, snapped, barked and tried to bite any dog who dared come close. This was when I first met her.
Fortunately, her owners, Scott and K were very open to making a few adjustments with Sophie's routines at home.
During our training sessions, I used my two dogs, Dailo and Momo, to give Sophie examples of calm behavior.

By far, the most important aspect was to have Sophie realize that she wasn't responsible for protecting her owners and her home. Her owner's are responsible for such matters. Realizing this fact greatly reduces a dog's aggression and stress levels leading to a happier and more relaxed canine!

"Everyone who sees Sophie now comments on how much more well adjusted she is and how much calmer she seems." -Scott/owner

Dailo helps show Sophie how to walk calmly at "heel"

A relaxed and happier Sophie with dogs on either side. Who would have guessed that she is a reformed biter?

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