Monday, December 14, 2009

No Dogs Allowed. Chapter 2: The Restaurant

The site of the perpetration

We all know the rules. NO DOGS ALLOWED. 
Makes me think of Snoopy in the "Peanuts/Charlie Brown" movie.
No Dogs in Movie Theaters.
No Dogs in the nice areas of the Park.
No Dogs at the Opera House.
No Dogs in the Restaurant...whoops....what was that again?

For this trick, we had to pick a quiet, dark restaurant on a slower night.
We zip into a dark corner and have the very well-trained Dailo sit still and quiet under the table for the entire meal. We also use strategically placed objects like coats and bags to obscure our four-legged guest from the casual eye.

A dozen oysters and some pate for humans. (Dailo will have to wait for dog food at home.)

No harm done. Dailo was quiet, didn't eat anything, didn't leave any trace he ever visited.
A Word of Caution: Only try this with very well-behaved dogs.

We toast to a lovely night out with man's best friend

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